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Italian Campaign for Citizenship and Voting Rights for People of Foreign Origin

The Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy/Refugee and Migrant Service, in cooperation with several civil society organizations, launched a national campaign for Citizenship and Voting Rights for People of Foreign Origin.

Today, the number of people of foreign origin living in Italy is about five million, the 8% of the total population: one fifth are children, boys and girls.
The Campaign will promote two law proposals of citizens’ initiative:

– a proposal for reform of the regulations on citizenship, updating the concepts of nation and nationality on the basis of belonging to a community through study, work and life.
– a proposal which recognizes that migrants have the right to vote in local electoral consultations, as a valid instrument of social and poltical responsibility.

We recall that the European Convention on Nationality of 1997 already requested Member States to facilitate the acquisition of citizenship for “people born in the territory and residing there legally and habitually”

We appeal to institutions, political and social forces, to the work and cultural environment, to all who live in Italy, to participate in constructing a joint future of justice and equality in which each individual who is born and lives in our country can be considered to all effects an Italian citizen.

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