Members of the CCME Executive Committee are elected by the general assembly to administer the Commission’s affairs.
The Executive Committee is elected for a period of 3 years. Both the World Council of Churches and the Conference of European Churches appoint one representative to this body.
The last General Assembly that took place in Rome (Italy) on 8th November 2023  elected the following team:

Moderator: Ms Fiona Kendall,  Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy  (Italy)
Treasurer: Ms Angila Candey, Reformed Church of Hungary (Hungary)


  • Dr. Goos  Minderman, Council of Churches of the Netherlands – Vice-Moderator  – (The Netherlands)
  • Very Revd Archimandrite Fr. Iakovos (religious name) Andriopoulos, Church of Greece – Vice-Moderator – (Greece)
  • Revd Maria Kjellsdotter Rydinger, Church of Sweden – oridinary members – (Sweden)
  • Ms Johanna Stahlmann, Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) – ordinary members – (Germany)
  • Dr. Theophilus Adedayo Anjorin, Cherubim & Seraphim Church – ordinary member – (UK)

Representative of the World Council of Churches:

  • Dr. Masiiwa Ragies Gunda


  • Ms Katalin Zoltani, Ecumenical Association of Churches – (Romania)
  • Ms Dorritt Elaine Akinbobola, The Joint Council of Churches for All nations – (United Kingdom)
Who we are

Who we are

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CCME is an ecumenical organisation that serves the churches in their commitment to promote the vision of an inclusive community through advocating for an adequate policy for migrants, refugees and minority groups at European and national level. In the fulfilment of this mandate it is responding to the message of the Bible which insists on the dignity of every human being and to the understanding of unity as devoid of any distinction between strangers and natives.” (CCME mission statement)

Migration comprises an integral part of Europe’s history and an important dimension of its current reality. European citizens continue to emigrate from or move within Europe, while migrants and refugees from other parts of the world arrive to build new lives in a European home. Although there are challenges associated with the settlement of newcomers and longer-term residents in Europe,