No.19 - T. Bunyan and F. Webber:
No.16 - B. Scott (ed)
No.14 - A. Dummett and J. Niessen:
No.13 - J. Murray and J. Niessen:

Le Conseil de l’Europe et la Potection des droits des migrants, des réfugiés et des minorités. (September 1993).

The Council of Europe and the protection of the rights of migrants, refugees and minorities.

No.8 - J. Niessen

International instruments to combat racial discrimination in Europe.

Instruments internationaux pour combattre la discrimination raciale en Europe. (May 1992).

No.6 - J. Murray and J. Niessen:
No.4 - A. Cruz

Carriers’ sanctions in five Community States: incompatibilities between international civil aviation and human rights obligations. (April 1991).

No 2 - W. R. Böhning and J. Werquin:

The future status of third-country nationals in the European Community.

Le futur statut des nationaux des pays-tiers dans la Communauté Européenne. (November 1990)