SOLIDARITY – with refugees & migrants, between countries, between churches!”

“If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honoured, all rejoice together” (1 Corinthians 12:26)


Adopted by the CCME extraordinary General Assembly on 16th October 2021

Europe and International Migration

  • Advocate for a clear, transparent and accessible system of migration to Europe – based on fundamental rights of migrants with a focus on family unity.
  • Special concern will be given to the most vulnerable in international migration, such as undocumented migrants, women and children.

Upholding the Dignity of Persons, addressing discrimination

  • Address the protection of those groups discriminated against in the context of ethnic, social, racial, religious and gender based exclusion.
  • Roma discrimination, with particular focus on the role played by churches.
  • Commitment against racism and xenophobia, particularly when related to migration.

Uniting in Diversity

  • Diversity and “Being Church Together” will stay on the ecumenical agenda.
  • Closer cooperation with migrant or minority ethnic churches will be important.
  • Intensify and enhance the ecumenical cooperation at national and European levels with migrant and minority ethnic churches.

For detailed information, please consult CCME Work Priorities 2018-2020


Safe Passage

The Commission monitors European policy developments in the areas of migration, asylum, integration and anti discrimination and informs churches on these developments.

Refugee Protection

Over 70 NGOs have expressed their concern about proposed EU cooperation with Libya through a letter to EU heads of states and governments and EU policymakers.

Labour Migration

On the occasion of the public hearing on family reunification of third country nationals living in the EU, we, the undersigned organisations, call on the European Commission and EU Member States to …

Anti-Trafficking in Human Beings

The project TRACKS aims to analyse the asylum-trafficking in human beings (THB) nexus through the prism of special needs of trafficked asylum seekers and to equip national asylum authorities and civil society organisations to tackle ..

Uniting in Diversity

Migration is changing the ecclesial landscape: more congregations of migrants are found, a greater diversity of denominations is observed..

Inclusive Communities

Various forms of exclusion exist in societies, and are becoming even more dramatic. Vulnerable groups of migrants are particularly affected by exclusion, ..

Migration and development

The consultation of Churches Witnessing with Migrants is meeting in Istanbul followed by the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development.

European Churches responding to migration 2010

Recognising that migration is an overall reality in society today, and aware that migration is posing challenges to societies, political institutions and churches,