2014-06-11-Day of intercession in memory of those who have lost their lives at the borders of the EU 2014: English, German

Developing agreed methodology of identification and referral for trafficking for labour exploitation: guaranteeing the victims the access to protection: English, French, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish.


2013-12-09 Prayer for People with an uncertain Future

2013-05-15 MIRROR Project-Developing agreed methodology of identification and referral for trafficking for labour exploitation: guaranteeing the victims the access to protection-English, French, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish.

2013-05-09 Day of Intercession in memory of those who have died at the borders of the EU 2013: English, German, Spanish


Developing agreed methodology of identification and referral for trafficking for labour exploitation: guaranteeing the victims the access to protection; English, French, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish

2012-12-17-An Overview of Diaconical Work with Roma Among Members of Eurodiaconia and CCME

2012-11-14_Guidelines on Labour Migration and Development, English, French and German.

2012-11-14_Principes directeurs pour les migrations et le développement

2012-11-14_Leitlinien Arbeitsmigration und Entwicklung

2012-09-A Mapping of diaconal and reconciliation work with Roma

2012-06-20-Day of intercession in memory of those who have died at the borders of the EU 2012

2012-06-06-75 NGOs call the EU Member States and the European Commission to safeguard family life of migrants and refugees ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH

2012-03-30-Enhancing Volume and Impact of refugee resettlement to the EU

2012-05-03-Not crossing the red lines: 166 civil society organisations call on the EU institutions to stand for liberty of asylum seekers


2011-12-21-Towards a Right of Permanent Residence for Long-Term Migrants
2011-03-05-Combating Trafficking for forced Labour in Europe. March 2011, EnglishCzechGreekItalianRomanian

CCME 18th General Assembly

**Prof. Dr Victoria Kamondji elected moderator of CCME

**Public Statement of the 18th CCME General Assembly

**Message of H.B. Patriarch Daniel of Romania
**Speech of H.E. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France
**Migration in Europe and the Economic Crisis – Facts and Policies, by Mr Arcadio Diaz Tejera, Council of Europe
**Ministry Among Migrants During Crisis: Experiences Of Churches and Future Perspectives by Rev. Alfredo Abad, Spain
**Migration and Economic Crisis: the case of Greece by Dr Antonios K. Papantoniou, Greece


2011-03-25-EU Framework for National Roma Integration Stratégies

2011-03-05-Combating Trafficking for forced Labour in Europe. March 2011 • CzechEnglish • GreekItalianRomanian

2011-01-28 – HEARING: COMBATTING TRAFFICKING FOR FORCED LABOUR; European Parliament Brussels (ASP 3E2), 9th February 2011


2010-06:The MIRACLE GUIDE Dutch English French German Italian Swedish

2010-06: Migrants’ Experiences in Active Participation in Churches in Europe

2010-06: WinAct-MIRACLE Modules for Training Workshops

2010-06 WinAct-MIRACLE Modules for Training Workshops (English) – Swedish
2010-03 Trafficking for Forced Labour in Europe: Emerging Challenges – Emerging Responses. A collection of emerging best practice examples.


2008 CCME Reader- Theological Reflections on Migration
2008-12-16 CCME Resettlement Newsletter I
2008-11-27 CCME Press-rel – Welcoming Iraqi Refugees to EU – positive step
2008-11-24 CCME Press-rel – Dealing with migration-giving a human face to the church
2008-11-23 CCME Rec – African-European Consultation on Migration (Palermo)
2008-10-17 CCME Work Programme 2009-2015
2008-10-15 Chr Com – instruments regulating labour migration to EU
2008-10-13 Trafficking Conference agenda (Protaras)
2008-10-13 List of Assembly Participants
2008-10-13 Input Papantonou – CCME’s Action & Networking against Trafficking
2008-10-13 CCME Press-rel – CCME-CEC concerned about detained migrants in EU
2008-10-13 CCME Press-rel – CCME Assembly approves integration between CEC and CCME
2008-10-11 CCME Pos – against trafficking
2008-10-10 CCME Press-rel – Austrian NGOs for right to residence after 5 years
2008-10-09 CCME Press-rel – Trafficking-impossible for Church to remain passive
2008-10-08 CCME General Asselmby 2008 Report (Cyprus)
2008-09-17 CCME Activity & Finance Report (2005-2007)
2008-06-26 CCME Press-rel – Return Directive – Civil Society Essential Actors in Monitoring Removals from Europe
2008-05-28 CCME Publ – Mapping migration – Mapping Churches responses
2008-05-20 CCME Press-rel – Italy-European fundamental rights & action against the violence against Roma people
2008-05-05 CCME Press-ann – RR – Europe can do more to solve refugee situations globally
2008-04-09 CCME Press-rel – Presentation of “Mapping Migration in Europe – Mapping Churches’ Responses”
2008-03-31 CCME Press-rel – Romanian Orthodox Patriarch – integrated approach combating modern slavery
2008-02-01 NGO letter on Trafficking in human beings
2008-02-01 CCME Press-rel – Churches encourage EU human rights at the heart of antitrafficking policies
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet EN
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet DE
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet FR
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet IT
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet ES
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet CZ
2008-01-01 Resettlement Factsheet NL


2007-11-27 CCME Press-rel – Port. Secretary of State Civil Society essential for Refugee Protection
2007-11-14 CCME Press-rel – RR to Austria “time is right to start programme”
2007-10-08 CCME Press-rel – Combating Trafficking ”Victory of Gospel is Victory over Slavery” (Kiev)
2007-10-02 CCME Report – int. Church Conference against Trafficking in Human Beings (Kiev)
2007-09-28 CCME Press-rel – RR to Spain-Churches + NGOs help government to take positive decision
2007-09-25 CCME Bro – Monitoring forced returns – deportations in Europe (Conference)
2007-08-31 CCME Resettlement Newsletter III
2007-08-29 Chr Com – EC’s Green Paper the future Common European Asylum System
2007-07-09 Chr Com – to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (Brussels)
2007-06-25 CCME Press-rel – RR to new EU States improved integration
2007-06-14 CSC-CCME Response to the CoE White Paper consultation on Intercultural Dialogue
2007-05-16 POLITIS Policy Recommendations – Building Europe with new citizens
2007-05-15 CCME Resettlement Newsletter II
2007-05-14 CCME Press-rel – RR Churches – provide exchange government + civil society in Germany
2007-05-03 Letter – CoE Convention on Action against Trafficking Ratification by EC
2007-04-30 CCME Press-rel – RR inevitably part of future Belgian refugee policy
2007-03-23 CCME Press-rel – Churches vital for refugees – EU best practice models important
2007-03-15 CCME Bro – CAT III – Action oriented guide for awareness-raising + social assistance
2007-02-28 CCME Resettlement Newsletter I