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A Time of Encounters

The study covers the period 2015-2016 and looks into the extent of the Church of Sweden’s work at parish level concerning asylum seekers and newly settled persons, as well as how the work is organized and which experiences are acquired in the work. Read full Report

“This Is What We Want – The Churches and Migration Issues”

“This Is What We Want – The Churches and Migration Issues” is an expression of our ambition to be the salt of the earth, to protest against injustice and to work for a better society for all people. We highlight the fundamental values and ethical principles that are at the foundation of this analysis. These values or principles are based both on our Christian faith, as the text is illustrated with various quotes from the....Read more

New report – Strong reasons for not deporting Roma to Kosovo

Today the Church of Sweden is publishing a report on the situation for Roma in Kosovo with a special focus on the situation for those whose applications for asylum within the EU have been rejected and who have been deported from Sweden and other countries. The report is aimed at the politicians and migration authorities responsible, both in Sweden and in the rest of the EU.…read more

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Make Space!
Campaign during the Churches’ Global Week for Justice 2012

The campaign, “Make Space!” begins on the 1st October 2012 and is linked to the Churches’ Global Week for Justice. “Make Space!” encourages you to understand, reflect and respond to various situations that immigrants experience as you create discussion around your kitchen table at home, or in your church, municipality or country.

The terms see, judge and act, are contained within the Liberation Theology model for reading the Bible. These key words help us to encounter, describe and analyze real situations in order to progress from words to action in choices that we consciously or unconsciously make.

Where there is hardship and vulnerability, individuals, groups and churches see; that means to encounter and not shut one’s eyes or shrink back from what sometimes can be difficult. By prompting us to open our eyes, describe reality in all its forms with honesty, can we take the next step and analyze and judge what we encounter and try to find words that describe the vulnerability we see. Finally, we can as an individual, group or church, take responsibility to.….read more

Porvoo Consultation on Diaspora and Migration 2012

22 members of the Churches in the Porvoo Communion and observers met in Uppsala, Sweden from 21 to 24 March 2012 to consider issues relating to diaspora and migration.
In section b (iv) of the Porvoo Common Statement, members commit themselves “to welcome diaspora congregations into the life of the indigenous church for mutual enrichment.” The original reference was perhaps only related to branches of one Porvoo church located in another Porvoo country, but in the light of increasing migration into northwest Europe and consequent ethnic diversity both in the indigenous churches and in what had been described as “diaspora congregations”, it was appropriate to consider this principle in a changing context.
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