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Religious communities in Switzerland demand more protection for refugees. German, Français

JEÛNE GENEVOIS 2016 – A Day of Fasting and Prayer

Jeûne Genevois 2016 will be organised by the World Council of Churches and ‘Witnessing Together in Geneva’ at the Ecumenical Centre, 150 Route de Ferney, Geneva on 8th September under the theme: “Rising to the challenge of the migration: Are we all Noahs?”. Programme in French

Intercultural Biblical Training 2016-2017

Intercultural Biblical Training 2016-2017 announced at Emmaüs Missionary & Biblical Institute (Switzerland)

Das Monitoring in der Schweiz und zivilgesellschaftliche Rollenkonflikte

Monitoring of forced removals was undertaken in a pilot project by the Federation of Protestant Churches in Switzerland. Simon Röthlisberger describes the experience. Read More…German Version

Conference announcement: « Migration aus theologischer sicht »/« Les migrations d’un point de vue théologique », Freiestrasse 20, Berne, 31 août 2013, 9.30 h –17h