• The Commission monitors European policy developments in the areas of migration, asylum, integration and anti discrimination and informs churches on these developments.
  • The Commission provides a platform of exchange for its members, members of the World Council of Churches (in Europe) as well as of the Conference of European Churches and other ecumenical or church bodies working in the same field.
  • The Commission monitors and co-ordinates efforts and initiatives undertaken by churches and other bodies in this field and formulates common European ecumenical advocacy positions on these issues.
  • It promotes awareness-raising on issues of racism and xenophobia within the churches and in society; it monitors the situation of migrants, refugees and minority ethnic people at local, national and international levels.
  • The Commission represents its members towards the European institutions such as the European Union and the Council of Europe, and at meetings and conferences on relevant issues. It contacts and co-operates with public authorities, international organisations, trade unions, employers’ associations and associations of migrants, refugees and minority ethnic people.
  • It organises consultations, seminars and long-term projects encouraging co-operation between members and non-member churches and between churches and other bodies; it identifies, in consultation with churches involved, projects and programmes including training and capacity building, and assists churches to implement them or to carry them out themselves.

Who we are

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CCME is an ecumenical organisation that serves the churches in their commitment to promote the vision of an inclusive community through advocating for an adequate policy for migrants, refugees and minority groups at European and national level. In the fulfilment of this mandate it is responding to the message of the Bible which insists on the dignity of every human being and to the understanding of unity as devoid of any distinction between strangers and natives.” (CCME mission statement)

Migration comprises an integral part of Europe’s history and an important dimension of its current reality. European citizens continue to emigrate from or move within Europe, while migrants and refugees from other parts of the world arrive to build new lives in a European home. Although there are challenges associated with the settlement of newcomers and longer-term residents in Europe,