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– WinAct-MIRACLE Modules for Training Workshops

The modules are helpful tools which are intended to help to start the reflections on how congregations and churches can more actively welcome persons from different backgrounds and develop relationships. English, Swedish


This guide is intended to be a practical tool for all those churches and church-related organisations dealing with issues of interculturalism. The guide presents good practices of participation and integration within different churches as a result of findings from exercises conducted in the trainings organised all over Europe. It gives also some recommendations that are intended to facilitate understanding and promoting integration and active participation of migrants. Dutch English French German Italian Swedish


This research tries to understand migrants’ experiences through interviews carried out in countries involved in the project. English

The MIRACLE Project

MIRACLE – Models of Integration through Religion, Activation, Cultural Learning and Exchange

The MIRACLE project develops models of integration between migrants and host society through religious and cultural learning and exchange as well as activation and strengthening of migrant participation.

It encourages a process of integration, which involves and changes both newly arrived and hosting society.

In a pilot project, it looks at the possibilities of Christian churches and communities playing a decisive role in integration and explores transferability of existing models into a faith-based context: It adapts existing methodology and recommendations of secular platforms on integration (e.g. the WINACT “Winning Migrants as Active Members” method, developed under the GRUNDTVIG programme, which aims at winning active members for political parties and trade unions by targeted recruitment and organizational change) and tests their use in a religious context.

The MIRACLE project is developed as a pilot project on religion serving integration of migrants.

In a first step, it explores how models of migrant participation which were developed in a secular setting, can be used – if adapted – through a series of workshops on activation and cultural mediation among those Christian churches in Europe which are being challenged and transformed by migration.

The project was developped in four stages:

Participants: Churches and Christian communities in six countries (stage1-4), other faith-based groups (e.g. Muslim and Jewish), political actors, NGOs (stage 4)
Stage 1: Initial workshop: introducing and reviewing existing methods of migrants´ activation, participation and mutual integration in church and Christian communities (2 ½ days, 40 participants: 5-6 from each participating countries + 10 others)
Stage 2: national workshops: testing and modifying existing methodology on migrants activation/participation and role of cultural mediators (25 participants, with professional trainers) – > formulation of results for methods, formulation of agenda for change for own organizations. Three-day workshop with two days of training and one day of space for discussing migrants involvement in churches in respective country
Stage 3: two regional workshops (e.g. one Mediterranean Europe, one Northern European): testing models, exchanging experiences, modifying them (each around 20 participants, 5-6 per country), one interregional workshop in cooperation with one sending region (Africa, tbc)
Stage 4: Closing Workshop: involving the inter-faith and secular context: presentation of results and discussion of transferability in a multi-faith context (closing conference app. 60 participants)
Alongside the project: A series of interviews with migrants who are activists in their religious community in the project about good and bad practice of their participation (applying the POLITIS project research methodology)

Envisaged results include a guide: explaining methodology of integration through religious and cultural learning and outlining examples from interviews with active migrants.

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2010-06 WinAct-MIRACLE Modules for Training Workshops – Swedish
2010-06 Migrants’ Experiences in Active Participation in Churches in Europe
2010-06 WinAct-MIRACLE Modules for Training Workshops
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: Religious Plurality in Europe – Challenges and Policies of European Cities by Ms Doris Lüken-Klaßen (PPP)
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: Insights into migrants’ experiences – An interviews’ analysis by Ms Alessia Passarelli (PPP)
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice by Ms Hinda Talal (PPP)
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: The Parish-based Integration Project by Mr Adrain Cristea (PPP)
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: Being Church Together – Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (PPP)
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: “The PFIPL: An account of a still unfolding experience” by Pastor Corinne Lanoir
2010-05-05 Closing workshop: Presentation of MIRACLE project by Ms Olivia Bertelli (PPP)
2009-09-10 MIRACLE The project presentation (PPP)
2009-09-10 Let’s be one – Brochure for communities
MIRACLE short description
2009-03-18 CCME-Press-rel – MIRACLE Initial workshop
2009-06-29 MIRACLE-project – Intercultural methods (PPP)
2009-06-29 From Politis over WinAct to Miracle (N.Cyrus) (PPP)
2009-06-29 SKIN samen kerk in nederland (PPP)
2009-06-29 MIRACLE – Defap’s Presentation
2009-06-29 Frankfurt as an Example in Germany (Rev. Dietmar Will)
2009-06-29 Advanced Training for Staff in Migrant Church-Communities (Frankfurt)